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At Sweet Dreams Dental Anesthesia, we understand that not all patients can be treated in the dental chair without the use of IV Sedation or General Anesthesia.  We travel to you so you may provide treatment in the comfort of your own office.  We use the safest techniques with standard OR monitors and equipment and all cases are performed with a secured airway in place. It is our mission to create a comfortable and safe environment for the patients, their families and the provider.

Each patient will be scheduled for a pre-operative consultation with the anesthesiologist to assess their airway and review medical history.  They will also require a history and physical examination from their pediatrician or physician prior to being cleared for the procedure.  Once cleared, we will work with the patient and your office to schedule the treatment date. 

If you would like to expand the scope of your practice and begin offering anesthesia services for your patients with anxiety, extensive treatment plans or special needs, please contact us at 917.727.0745 to learn more about the services we provide. 

We currently travel and provide anesthesia services in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. 

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